Sample of an Internal Human Resource Management Paper

Students in the field of human resource management are required to work on academic papers from time to time. Writing such papers help them to understand various concepts learnt in class. It also provides them with an avenue to showcase their skills in writing. Presented below is a sample of an internal human resource management paper.

Introduction of a sample of human resources management paper

            MediaWorks is a large privately owned national company based in New Zealand. It offers television services, radio broadcasting,and interactive media. MediaWorks has a vision of providing the best media content for the locals in New Zealand and other people from different parts of the world. The business strategy involves improving the consumer experience by providing high-quality news, current events, and entertainment articles.  The current issue facing the company is the exit of the chief executive officer Mark Weldon. The exit will have an adverse impact on the employees and the management. Notably, the issue will demoralize the employees especially when they learn about the circumstances that led to his resignation. Subsequently, the exit creates a gap in the management team, which could affect the operations. In addition, the human resources department will incur excessive costs when replacing the vacancy left by Mr. Weldon. Furthermore, a vacuum in the top leadership could stagnate the operations of the company, particularly the projects initiated by the CEO. For this reason, this report evaluates the impact of the exit of Mark Weldon from MediaWorks and recommends a solution that can help the company for the next 2-4 year.

Internal Issue and the Impact

            The issue facing MediaWorks is the exit of Mark Weldon, a CEO that has served for almost two years. According to the NZ Herald (2016), the resignation of Mr. Weldon followed the exit of other prominent people in the organization such as John Campbell and Hillary Barry. Thus, the company has a large vacuum in its leadership. Despite the board openly supporting the resignation of Weldon, the management has agreat fear that it could take the company long before hiring another CEO. Indeed, Nz Herald (2016) states that the board decided that David Chalmers should act as the CEO.

            The issue affecting the company is a short – term internal one and could persist for long if not addressed quickly.  As stated by Allen (2008), the leading internal issue affecting most of the organizations is the exit of talented employees. Many companies have failed to manage their employees, which leads to resignation of most of them. Mark is only one of the many employees who have resigned from the company. However, the case of Mark is of great concern to the company because he has been one of the best-performing leaders. While giving his resignation speech, Mark said that he led significant changes that brought back the company from the receivership position and made it a great competitor (Nz Herald, 2016). To prove the contributions made by Mark to the company, the chairman, Rod McGeoch, asserted that Mark’s leadership led to the integration of the company and increased its profitability. Therefore, the exit of Mar has an effect on both the management and the employees.

            Primarily, the exit of Mark will cause a shortage of staff at MediaWorks. Resultantly, the workload will increase, and the remaining management team will have to do extra work. For instance, the acting CEO, who is also the organization’s CFO, has to perform all the duties. When employees resign from their positions, the workload increases and the remaining employees have to share the task. The effect is increased exhaustion and reduced performance. Considering that the company is yet to replace other employees who resigned, the staff has to share all the work. Employee demotivation is one of the results of the staff exit from the company. Eventually, the level of services will reduce forcing the customer to shift to the competitors.

The HR process should involve staffing and succession. The company should develop staffing strategies which will ensure that any employee works for a minimum of five years before exiting. Then, the organization should identify the number of staff needed basing on the quality and quantity of work.  Since the article reveals that more than five employees have resigned from Media Works, the company needs a hiring strategy, not for only the CEO position but also the other vacancies. Hiring a new CEO is a rigorous process for the company. Nevertheless, the process can be simple in case the company has an employee exit and immediate replacement plan. In case the company lacks the plan, the human resources management should adjust the staffing by assigning new roles to the employees to ensure that all operations continue.

Hiring another CEO is a costly process because the position needs a person with a large experience because of the responsibilities. The companies need funds and individuals who will fill in the leadership positions. Acquiring adequate funds could be a long process for the company. Also, searching for the right personnel could require much money.  For instance, the company could be compelled to hire external people to conduct interviews for the candidates for the CEO position. Making adverts for the position also requires more money whether it is in the digital or print media. Regardless of the involved costs, the only solution for the company is to hire a new CEO.


The human resource department should identify the factors contributing to the exit of the leaders and replace them immediately. Most of the employees at the organization have exited due to unknown circumstances. The exit of CEO Mark is the latest, and the probability is high that other employees could follow suit.  Apparently, there are factors behind the exit of the employees which the company is yet to identify.  One of the factors could be a poor working environment. As indicated by NZ Herald (2016), Mark sought to resign from the MediaWorks because it was expensive for him to pay the personal cost. This statement implies that internal factors within the organization forced Mark to resign from his position. Thus, the organization should analyze the workplace environment to ensure that it favors all the employees, be it the management or the subordinate. According to Berry and Morris (2008), conflicts at the workplace contribute to the resignation of many employees. Besides, criticism of the leaders could affect their work.  For instance, constant criticism of Mark by some of the subordinate staff and a few other leaders influence his exit from the leadership position (NZ Herald, 2016). By identifying and solving the issues, MediaWorks will manage to retain the existing and new employees.

Identifying these issues should pave a way for the recruitment of a new CEO. The human resources department should follow the required process for hiring employees. First, the company should agree on the qualifications for the CEO position. Then, the board should decide whether to hire internally in case the current employees meet the requirement. If not so, the company should seek for potential candidates from outside by advertising the position. Then, the company should hire an external firm to conduct the interviews and chose the best candidate. This process could take long, which can lead the company to incur losses given that it has a vacuum in its leadership. Alternatively, the board can decide to appoint the CEO from one of the current leaders depending on the urgency of the issue.

This strategy provides a long-term solution to the company. Hiring a new manager after identifying the factors that cause the exit of employees will help to retain other employees employed in future.The company needs a new CEO who can continue with the projects left by the current Mark.


Measuring the success of the recommendations made to the HR should consider the customers, finances, internal processes, and learning and growth. The proposed measurement is quantitative and qualitative.  The board will undertake the measurement, which has to be performed after every three months, for two years.   The success of the recommendation relies on the metric used. First, Gabcanova (2012) states that an increase in the satisfaction of the consumers is a key metric used to indicate the success of any new strategy implemented in business. In this case, if the customers become satisfied with the services provided by the company, then, the employee recruitment and retention success will have succeeded.

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