10 tips/steps for writing NCLEX questions

It is usually a thrilling experience when nursing students come to the end of their study. Before you can practice as an entry level nurse, you will have to take the National Council Licensure Examination. These exams are popularly referred to as (NCLEX). Passing them is a must if at all you would like to […]

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10 tips/steps for writing NCLEX questions

10 tips/steps for writing NCLEX questionsIt is usually a thrilling experience when nursing students come to the end of their study. Before you can practice as an entry level nurse, you will have to take the National Council Licensure Examination. These exams are popularly referred to as (NCLEX). Passing them is a must if at all you would like to become a nurse. Highlighted in this article are the 10 tips/steps for writing NCLEX questions. If you utilize these tips correctly, then chances are that you will have an easy time while taking the NCLEX examination. It is also worth mentioning that we can offer you personalized help with preparing for these exams.

1. Adequately prepare

The idea that you can pass a NCLEX without adequately preparing is a far-fetched one. In order to pass this type of exam, you need to thoroughly study the nursing materials that you have accumulated over the years. It is best that you have an effective strategy on how to go about it. This is because revising without a clear plan is not only ineffective but can also be quite exhaustive. It is advisable to make sure that you completely understand a given nursing concept fully before proceeding to the next one.

2. Familiarize yourself with the format of NCLEX questions

Nursing questions are formatted in a specific way. They are designed to test how well a student can take up nursing duties at an entry level. For this reason, they not only test the memory of the given student but also his/her critical thinking skills. While some nursing questions are straightforward, others are quite complex. The seemingly simple NCLEX questions examine one’s ability to remember what he/she has been taught. On the other hand, the complex ones text among other things the student’s ability to practically apply the knowledge that he/she has gained. You can always ask for our help with NCLEX questions if you are not so sure about how to through this process.

3. Expect Bloom’s Taxonomy to be used when developing NCLEX questions

Generally, nursing examiners utilize Bloom’s taxonomy when developing NCLEX questions. According to this model, there are six main learning outcomes that nursing students must be tested on. Designing a text while paying special attention to such objectives ensures that the test is effective in assessing how well one is prepared to become a professional nurse. One of 10 tips/steps for writing NCLEX questions is therefore to familiarize oneself with this taxonomy. Our nursing experts are ready to offer you a personalized explanation on these taxonomies.

4. Showing remembrance as one of the 10 tips/steps for writing NCLEX questions

During the process of writing your NCLEX questions, you must prove that you can remember. It is possible to do this by correctly answering the simple nursing questions. This is why it is important to regularly go through your notes. You might even have to memorize some concepts if at you would like to pass NCLEX. There are a number of keywords in NCLEX questions that can help you know that the question requires you to recollect. Some of these keywords include: define, name, order, list and match among others.

5. Showing that you understand when answering NCLEX questions

Simply remembering nursing knowledge is not enough to pass a NCLEX question. This is because there are some questions that are designed to test your understanding of different nursing concepts. Such questions are normally quite complex as compared to the ones testing a nursing student’s ability to remember. In order to show that you understand a certain nursing concept, you have to interpret or explain it. As a result of this; interpret, describe, identify and explain are the common words used in this kind of questions. You might be happy to know that our NCLEX questions experts are ready and willing to explain different nursing concepts to you. Passing NCLEX will therefore be easy for you should you allow us to help you.

6. Demonstrating ability to apply nursing knowledge when writing NCLEX questions

As a nursing student aspiring to be a nursing practitioner, you must demonstrate that you indeed can apply the knowledge acquired in the course of your study. Subsequently, you will have to tackle some complex NCLEX questions. Such questions normally present students with a unique situation or a problem. As a student, you have to apply reliable and relevant facts in order to come up with a relevant answer to the problem being addressed by the question. You might even have to do some calculations in order to come up with a reliable solution. Some keywords that can help you know that a certain NCLEX question tests your ability to apply nursing knowledge include: perform, predict, solve and choose among others.This is among the valuable 10 tips/steps for writing NCLEX questions.

7. Proving that you have great nursing analysis skills

This is among the most useful out of the 10 tips/steps for writing NCLEX questions. As an entry-level nurse, you have to prove that you can analyze a certain medical condition. Through analysis, one is able to come up with an effective solution. There are conventional methods of conducting such an analysis. You must always use such methods when trying to break down a phenomenon in order to understand its effects or causes. In order to know that a NCLEX question requires you to demonstrate analytical skills, you should lookout for a number of keywords. Such keywords include: compare, calculate, determine, find and justify.

8. Showing that you have what it takes to evaluate a nursing phenomenon when writing NCLEX questions

Undoubtedly, you will come across NCLEX questions that require you to utilize evaluation skills. In order to correctly answer this type of questions, you need to use certain criteria to arrive at the best possible solutions. These are among the most difficult questions to answer. This is because they are never straightforward. You should therefore expect to spend a considerable amount of time while tackling them. Determine, evaluate, justify, rank and support are among the keywords that can help you know that the given question under consideration requires you to evaluate a certain phenomenon.

9. Thinking of the answer first before reading the multiple choices as one of the 10 tips/steps for writing NCLEX questions

One of the unique features of NCLEX is that most questions have multiple choices. Reading the multiple choices before one can think of an appropriate answer is among the common mistakes that students make when writing NCLEX. If you make this mistake, then chances of choosing the wrong mistake highly increase. The best thing to do is to think of an answer first after reading the question. It is even advisable to re-read the question if you still cannot seem to get the right answer. You should then read the multiple questions with the sole aim of locating the answer that you have already thought of. According to the NCLEX experts at our website, this is the best way of tackling multiple-choice questions.

10. Be wary of distracters

For every multiple-choice question in NCLEX, there are a few distractions. These are normally incorrect choices that are difficult to differentiate from the correct ones. They are normally designed to expose a student’s reasoning or knowledge deficiency in relation to a given concept. As a result of this, they can be in the form of a: misconception, common mistake or an error that is probable. It is usually quite difficult to differentiate distractors from the correct answers. This is the main reason why nursing students sometimes find answering multiple-choice questions to be quite difficult. Be wary of such distractions is therefore among the best 10 tips/steps for writing NCLEX questions.

Is it possible to get help with writing NCLEX questions?

Owing to the importance of NCLEX in launching one career as a nurse, some students wonder if it is possible to get professional help. The answer to this question is yes. There are different firms that guide students in preparing for this type of examination. It might interest you to know that there are some companies that have a large database of NCLEX past papers. Such firms normally use such papers to guide students on the best way to prepare for their exams. There is therefore no need of staying in a constant state of anxiety due to this exam. Simply, order for professional help with revising for NCLEX and you can be sure that your chances of passing it shall be highly increased.

We are ready to help you prepare for NCLEX

help with NCLEX questionsOur online writing company is among the reliable companies where you can order for assistance with taking NCLEX from. We have what it takes to help you pass this examination. Notably, the entire experts at our company fully understand the 10 tips/steps for writing NCLEX questions. You can therefore bet that they are great at helping students revise for these exams. This nonetheless does not imply that you will have to pay an arm and leg for our services. On the contrary, our goal is not to rip-off students in any way. As a result of this, we have great discounts that our different types of clients can enjoy. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why most nursing students consider our services to be quite affordable.

Why let us guide you in preparing for NCLEX

Undoubtedly, you stand to benefit quite a lot should you allow us to assist you. As a matter of fact, you will never go wrong with our NCLEX questions writing help. Some key advantages that you stand to enjoy include:

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Steps for writing NCLEX questions

The first step that you ought to take when writing this type of question is to carefully read it. While doing this, there are two main parts that you must pay special attention to. The first part is STEM. This part provides a student with relevant information needed to answer the specific question. If you are not careful when reading it then you might end up misunderstanding the question. This would in turn lead to answering it incorrectly. Keyword is the second part of the question that you ought to be keen when reading. This section will enable you to know exactly what you are required to do. Careful reading, therefore, deserves to be among the 10 tips/steps for writing NCLEX questions.

Thinking of a correct answer while answering NCLEX questions

This should be easy after carefully reading the question. You ought to manage your time properly if at all you are to finish your NCLEX on time. Wasting a lot of time on simple questions is not a good idea. The only time that you are supposed to spend a considerable amount of time is when answering complex questions. If there is anything that you do not understand about tackling this type of question then we highly encourage you to get in touch with us. Our NCLEX questions writing experts are eagerly waiting to help you.