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When conducting research, it is mandatory for you, as a student, to review literature. The purpose of doing this is so that you are able to understand what other authors have covered that is relevant to your topic. Generally, the whole process of reviewing literature can be really time-consuming as well as tiresome. In most […]

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Literature Review Matrix Help | Nursing Literature Review Help

literature review matrix helpWhen conducting research, it is mandatory for you, as a student, to review literature. The purpose of doing this is so that you are able to understand what other authors have covered that is relevant to your topic. Generally, the whole process of reviewing literature can be really time-consuming as well as tiresome. In most cases, students end up with voluminous information after conducting literature review. One of the best ways to organize such information is through the aid of a graphic representation in form of a matrix. Would you like to get literature review matrix help? If affirmative, then we are glad to let you know that we are ready to assist you today. We have a team of professionally trained researchers who have what it takes to successfully assist you in reviewing literature. There is therefore no doubt that you shall be really impressed by nursing literature review help that is offered at our website.

Beginning the process of reviewing nursing literature

Basically, you are supposed to begin this process by looking for a suitable topic. The topic that you decide to focus on should be unique and relevant to the field of nursing. Moreover, it should be well-focused. In other words, it should focus on a limited scope. This is because it is very hard to exhaustively review materials that are related to a very broad field of study. It is good to note that sometimes students are provided with the topic to focus on by their course instructors. In such a case, you can skip the stage of identifying a topic. When the topic has already been provided for you, you should begin the literature review process by analyzing it. The goal of doing this is to make sure that you understand the scope of your study before you can begin looking for relevant materials. If you are stuck at this specific stage then it would do you a lot of good to order for literature review matrix help at our online writing company.

Would you like to enjoy our literature review matrix help?

It is advisable to be exhaustive when conducting literature review. In order to accomplish this, you should come up with a strategic manner of looking for relevant information. It is recommended that students should begin with reading books before they can proceed to other materials. Books are supposed to give you background information of the concept under focus. For you to get current knowledge in relation to the concept that you are interested in you must read articles from relevant journals. This is because journals are published more frequently than books which take years to publish. This implies that while books in most cases contain accurate and valid information, such information at times could be outdated. Once you order for nursing literature review help from us, we will assist you in reviewing relevant information in both books and articles.

Tracking down relevant information when conducting literature review

In most cases, you are supposed to begin looking for relevant information sources from your institution’s library. This is especially encouraged when one is interested in reviewing relevant books. Reading the title of the book, its blurb and scanning through the table of contents can quickly give you a good idea of whether such a book is relevant to your topic or not. You should be sure to keep a list of all the books that you find that are relevant to your topic and you intend to use them.  Once you are done with this, you should start looking for databases that you can use to search for relevant journals. It is one thing to identify such databases and a different thing altogether to manage to retrieve articles in them. This means that you should note only those that you are sure that you have access to. You should then proceed to identifying the relevant articles that you can use in your literature review. One of the numerous advantages of ordering for literature review matrix help from our website is that our experts are able to access numerous databases. It therefore goes without saying that we shall in no doubt be sure to thoroughly look for relevant materials once you allow us to assist you.

Organizing information obtained after reviewing relevant materials

Notably a good literature review should be a synthesis of relevant information from different authors. This means that you should try and avoid making the common mistakes that most students make of merely summarizing such sources. In other words, when organizing your literature review, you should go a step further and try to find out the areas where different authors agree or disagree in relation to the concept under focus. Similarly, you should try and find out the knowledge gaps that the reviewed materials have left unaddressed. In order to do this, you need to create a literature review matrix. This is especially case if you conducting literature review in health sciences including nursing. Unfortunately, majority of students do not really understand what this matrix is all about. Once you order for nursing literature review help from our website, we will not hesitate to guide you in creating a suitable matrix.

What is a literature review matrix?

As mentioned above, a literature review matrix is a form of diagrammatic representation of the relevant ideas derived from different sources of information. It is usually in the form of a table that has different number of columns and rows. The columns determine the kind of information that you are supposed to include in each row as they contain the headings. Some of the key details that you must never forget to include in the columns of your literature review matrix include the bibliographical details of each source and the main purpose of each document. In other word the surname of the author and a short title should be in one column. Date of publication should follow on the next column and this should then be followed by the purpose of the given information source. It is good to note that these are not the only three columns that this kind of matrix should have. You should add others according to the different themes from the reviewed literature. There is no need at all to allow creating this kind of a diagrammatic representation to cause you sleepless nights anymore we are willing to offer you reliable literature review matrix help today.

Key areas to focus on when creating a literature review matrix

It is worth to note that there is no specific amount of columns of that you are required to include in your matrix. This means that you are left to make the decision of the ideal number of columns that your literature review matrix should have. There is however a number of key areas that you must be sure to focus on if at you really want your matrix to be effective in organizing the reviewed relevant information. First, you should consider adding a methodology column. This is because it does not necessarily mean that different articles focusing on the same concept adopt the methodology. As a matter of fact, the differences that might be perceived between the findings of these different articles can be attributed to different research methods used. Our experts who offer nursing literature review help can assist you in comparing methodology used by different articles.

Content as a key area to focus on when designing a literature review matrix

In this column your goal should be list down the main ideas discussed in the specific materials that you have reviewed. This means that you should not only rely on the purpose category to inform you what various reviewed materials are all about. This is because some authors and researchers alike aims at accomplishing a given stated goal and yet they end up either missing it taking a different direction altogether. You should not therefore feel like you are being repetitive when including this column in your literature review matrix. Additionally, you must have another section in your matrix that deals with geographical condition. This is especially the case if the topic under study focuses on a concept that affects different regions across the globe. Once you order for literature review matrix help on our website we shall ensure that your matrix has all the necessary columns.

Key qualities of a good literature review matrix

nursing literature review help For your literature review matrix to be perceived as helpful, there are a number of traits that it should have. To begin with, it should be limited. Stated differently, you should not attempt to include all the ideas or points discussed in different reviewed materials in your matrix. On the contrary, you should be guided by the topic under focus in making the judgment of the kind of information that you ought to include in it. Only the relevant information should appear in this type of matrix. If you are having a hard time differentiating between relevant information from that which is irrelevant then we strongly encourage you to order for our nursing literature review writing service, we shall gladly come to your rescue.

Your literature review matrix must be able to provide a quick comparison of different ideas

You must never forget that the main goal for creating a literature review matrix is to help you to synthesize the different relevant information that you have obtained from various reviewed materials. This means that your matrix should be able to give a snapshot of the materials read. This in turn should afford you an opportunity to quickly compare the different ideas keenly noting where different authors disagree or agree. Specifically, in nursing studies, students are expected to use the publication date of different ideas when analyzing how a certain nursing phenomenon has evolved over the years. At our online writing firm we understand the core function of a matrix. It is therefore needless to over-emphasize the fact that you shall not get disappointed in any way once you decide to order for nursing literature review help from our website.

Expansibility is yet another key feature of a good literature review matrix

The whole process of creating a literature review matrix is not linear in nature. In other words, you might be required to visit it and improve it from time to time. This is because as you review more literature, you are bound to come up with new categories that you might find necessary to include in the matrix. This is therefore the main reason why for your matrix to be perceived as acceptable, then it should have the potential of being expanded. With the many years that our writers have in guiding students in reviewing literature you can bet that they are perfectly aware of this concept. You should therefore expect nothing short of top quality work whenever you order for literature review matrix help from our website. Did you know that you can access our services on a 22/7 basis? Now you know.

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