An example of a fine arts paper: Global Pop in Los Angeles

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An example of a visual arts paper: Global Pop in Los Angeles

Faegheh Atashin, commonly known as Googoosh, is a prominent female musician who hails from Iran. Born on May 5, 1950, the singer is known for the Persian pop genre that she employs. Apart from her prowess in music, the artist is recognized for her role as an actor since the 1970s. In particular, she was featured in more than 25 films, each with a different title. Googoosh started impersonating popular singers at a tender age and when noticed that she had a talent, he encouraged her to perform at the age of 3 years. Since then, she is recognized as a professional musician mainly because of the passion for art and fashion. The audience flocked arenas in order to see her latest attire or her hairstyle. Until today, the fans emulate the artist’s dress code and love for fashionable items and her music because it involves a mix of Arabian and Mexican tones, especially in the background. In addition, she incorporates other genres such as Western rock and Asian rhythms. In 1979, radical changes were implemented by the government in the form of a law, which banned women from performing on live concerts and events. Surprisingly, the revolution that occurred in Iran did not cause a negative impact on Atashin’s music because instead it lead to a comeback, which indicates that she was still the most popular artist in the country who influenced social and cultural aspects.

Los Angeles is known as one of the most important cities in regards to music recording, in particular, pop music. Musicians from various parts of the world prefer the urban centre as a favorite destination because it is rich in culture and home to historic music venues such as the Greek Theatre. Faegheh Atashin connects with the city due to the fact that she has performed in the city on several occasions. In 2001, the singer included Los Angeles as one of the major destinations to rejuvenate her career in after the occurrence of the Iranian Revolution.

Faegheh Atashin hails from the Azeri region in Iran and is specifically recognized for her contribution to Persian pop music. Notably, it is not easy for Iranian music to make profound impact on the U.S. due to the differences in style (Breyley 210). However, Googoosh, through her accurate instrumentation and performances, won the support of enthusiasts across the country. Uniquely, the success can be attributed to the notable qualities of vibrant classical aspects in her works. During the Iranian Revolution, a rapid change in culture and norms was experienced in which the country was subjected under a monarchical regime in order to modernize it. Although the revolution hampered the success of the artist by preventing her from performing in live shows, it opened up new avenues. For instance, despite the fact that Googoosh took a low profile during the period, her popularity increased when she resurfaced in 2000 (Khan 34).

In the social context, the Iranians understood the rights of women in the 1970s; therefore, they demonized cases of gender discrimination. Such a historical background was essential in shaping Googoosh’s life as she encountered limiting barriers. Apart from raising awareness about gender disparity, literate women organized events to educate female workers and residents with the aim of improving their social status. In particular, they were opposed to biased religious pressures, retrogressive politics, and laws that banned them from participating in national events. As for Googoosh, her life transformed the views of many Iranians through music and attracted support from both genders (Breyley 211). What is more, her iconic figure elevated the position of women in the society in which many people, regardless of sex, scrambled to buy tickets for her shows or films.

Up-to-date, there is a historical perspective that Iran has high rates of Islamic radicalism. However, it is a multi-ethnic country which has unique traditions and rich culture. By the time of Googoosh’s birth, the population was expanding rapidly, for instance, the Jews, Azerbaijanis,and Armenians were increasing in number in Iran. Due to the impact of globalization and modernization in her home nation, the icon’s parents relocated to the United States as cultural workers. In particular, they settled in Los Angeles, where the singer made an entrance in the singing and acting arena (Breyley 215). Apart from cultural and historical aspects, political factors were crucial to the emergence of Faegheh Atashin. For instance, the growing quest by the government to modernize Iran was helpful as it caused people to adopt pop culture and music. In 1960, a drastic change in the country’s popular music took place (Khan 39). Singers embraced western ideas and abandoned eastern views which were predominant in the society. In fact, the growing support for a modernized Iran led to more accomplishments for artists.

Faegheh Atashin was born in 1950 in Tehran and her family’s lineage connects to the early Azerbaijani immigrants who hailed from the Soviet Union. At the age of 2, her mother and father divorced in which Googoosh lived in the custody of her paternal parent afterwards.  Surprisingly, the father lied that her mother died when she was a toddler (Khan 39). Later, the artist was shocked to learn that the information was untrue and that she has been living under the care of a stepmother. In fact, she became uncomfortable and preferred to live away from the family. Googosh realized her talent at the age of 3 years when her father noted her interest in live performances and stage shows as she perfectly impersonated popular musicians. Therefore, he organized a solo-performance event in which Faegheh made entry into the world of music. Apparently, she improved her creativity at a tender age because of the difficult relationship with the stepmother.  In other words, she spent more time away with friends and other musicians. At the age of 20, Atashin was already a renowned singer and actress (Breyley 210).

Gheseyeh Vafa, a song that Faegheh Atashin wrote and sang in 1966, became popular worldwide. Her fame increased to an extent that she became an idol among many Iranians. In fact, by the early 1970s, the singer had dominated Persian pop, causing a remarkable impact in both her home country and the United States. Due to unique talent in music, firms hired her to act in major films. To be specific, Gooogoosh performed in about 25 scenes (Breyley 217). Generally, her music reflects the love and patriotism that she has for Iran.

As a result, Faegheh Atashin did not leave the country after the revolution (DeBano 448). The radical changes were unfavorable to women artists as they were banned from performing in concerts and other venues. For this reason, Googoosh did not participate in live performances for about two decades. Some musicians, who felt that the law hindered them from making a living, relocated to the United States and settled in Los Angeles. Similarly, she moved to the U.S. and performed in major cities(DeBano 448). In fact, the artist’s popularity in North America increased after her comeback due to close connection with the region. Finally, like many other musicians, Atashin settled in Los Angeleswhere her son lived. Until today, she is still an icon who moves around the world to perform in concerts and major events (Khan 30).

Atashin’s music resonates with the stylish optics as well as the melodramatic back-stories such as child abuse and broken marriages that she underwent. Primarily, her music is influenced by Spanish and Arabic genres. Some of the most notable instruments played are vocal percussions, drums, pianos, guitars, and saxophones. Through her songs Man Amadeh-Am, Hejrat, and Talagh, Atashin expresses messages of love and divorce and informs the audience about the changing nature of the society today (Breyley 218). She employs the use of moody-minor key piano notes and chords alongsideguitar-licks identical to reggae roots. Moreover, the Iranian icon widely incorporates quartertones as they are ideal for her genre. However, sometimes she fuses such notes with the Western rock. Interestingly, her versatility is reflected in a wide range of languages such as the Persian Azerbaijani, Tajiki, Italian, Turkish, English, Arabic, French, and Spanish. Particularly, the singer is widely known for Persian pop music and Azerbaijani folk genres. What is more, Googoosh has an astounding voice which corresponds with her choice of music (DeBano 449). Therefore, her works appeal to diverse cultures and ages.

The artist’sAkse Khosoosi is a Persian popular genre that is composed of a slow and consistent beat. The singer incorporates various instruments including drums, piano, trumpets, saxophones, and guitars. Notably, she sticks to the Iranian sounds to identify with her country. However, one can hear Spanish guitar notes in the background. Additionally, the rhythm is uniform right from the beginning to the end. In fact, the artist employs a few variations in style throughout the song. At the end, she introduces a Spanish dance to harmonize the sound with the background notes. Clearly, Atashin demonstrates uncanny ability to produce excellent music even at 65 years (Auliffe 59).

Outstandingly, Googoosh connects with Los Angeles due to her music performances and concerts. Besides, she prefers the city as it is ideal for multi-cultural lifestyle which can help in extending her music career. Additionally, the Iranians living in LA are fond of her music. Again, as stated before, many artists found home in this city and North America in general as the local environment in Iran did not favor their endeavors in music. Although Atashin remained at home for a while after the revolution, she maintained a close contact with her friends in LA. This could be the main reason why Los Angeles was part of her priority list when she made a comeback in 2000. Markedly, Googosh has influenced the social and cultural aspects of the city in twoways. First, her genre has led to remarkable changes in the way artistsperform the Persian pop genre. For example, she has been able to fuse the music with the Western rock to address issues such as inequality. Secondly, the Iranians living in Los Angeles appreciate her music as a modern artistic expression (Auliffe 59). In fact, some women imitate her dressing and hair styles as a standard for decency.

In conclusion, Los Angeles has been a centre for pop music for artists across the world. For instance, Googoosh is a renowned Iranian artist who majors on Persian genre. In particular, she appeared in the limelight in her 20s. However, the revolution in her home country hindered her from appearing inlive performances and concerts. In 2000, she made a major comeback and started to tour the world’s cities including Los Angeles where she resides. Her music educates young people to be responsible and aware of the changes in the contemporary society. Although many people would argue that an Iranian singer cannot thrive in the West, the enabling environment in Los Angeles enhances the work of many artistes because of the friendly audiences and the rich culture of pop music.














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