A sample of a marketing paper: Advertisement Analysis

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A sample of a marketing paper: Advertisement Analysis

Shot on iPhone 6 is an outdoor promotional strategy which was adopted by Apple in 2015. In particular, the campaign aims at promoting Apple’s iPhone 6. The advert demonstrates the ability of the phone to capture outstanding images. Notably, the billboards involve more than 60 photographs captured by iPhone users and are located in 74 cities across the world. In particular, the campaign for shot on iPhone 6 features in the United States, Cananda, the United Kingdom, UAE and parts of Asia.

Color Analysis

Uniquely, Apple’s iPhone 6 advertising employs the use of vibrant and radiant colors such as white and light blue. However, there is a major difference between the background and product colors. For instance, in Dubai, the background is brown while iPhone 6’s billboard is a combination of white, light blue and grey colors (Apple Insider 1). On the converse, adverts in Alexanderplatz in Germany have a similar color as the one in the background. In fact, Apple has turned the train station in Alexanderplatz to an art gallery composed of iPhone 6’s promotions (Apple Insider 1). The business uses bright colors to improve the visibility of the billboards.

Main Message

Apple Company’s Apple iPhone 6 is one of the most outstanding gadgets in the world. In particular, the company informs the audience iPhone 6’s camera is the best in the world of smart phones. The fact that the billboards feature images captured by iPhone 6 by different users suggests that the company values its customers by incorporating their works on their advert (Kim 47). In addition, Apple informs both amateur and professional photographers that they can improve on their works if they continue to use iPhone 6. Additionally, the business seeks to demonstrate that iPhone 6 has superior capabilities compared to other gadgets. Therefore, it can be used for both personal and professional needs. Furthermore, the company assures clients that its promise of creating a world gallery of all images captured by iPhone 6 is real, as all photos are stored on a single database.

iPhone Features

iPhone 6 is marketed, sold and designed by Apple. Notably, it is part of the smartphone series that started in 2014. As a comparison, iPhone 6 has superior features compared to iPhone 5 and iPhone 4. For instance, the device is larger in size, has improved camera capabilities and has faster processor speed. Importantly, it boasts of a display involving 16 colors, capacitive touchscreeen and LED-backlit IPS. In addition, the phone has a high resolution of up to 750 x 1334 pixels. Additionally, it contains features such as a barometer, hygrometer and accelerometer, which are not found in competing brands (Kim 43). In 2015, iPhone 6 was named as the most preferred smart phone device ahead of Samsung Galaxy models. In regards to sound, iPhone 6 has a 3.5mm jack, a loudspeaker and proprietary ringtones. The phone’s primary camera is 8 MP while the secondary one is 1.2MP. Notably, the primary camera is capable of performing phase detection autofocus, while the secondary camera is ideal for Face Time over Wi-Fi.

Target Market

In particular, the advert targets upper and middle class individuals. To be specific, company aims at reaching working and business class individuals. To a large extent, the target market involves persons in the age bracket of 18-35 years. Teenagers are considered as one of the largest consumers of Apple products. To elaborate, young people use iPhone 6 to socialize, to listen to music and to play games among other functions.  However, the largest segment target market for Apple is working class individuals and university students. Mainly, white collar employees consider the device as ideal for communication with clients as well as sending and storing important business documents. On the converse, young adults use iPhone 6 to communicate with friends, capture images, search map directions, connect to the internet and store documents (Kim 50). Moreover, the fact that iPhone 6 is sleek and light means that young adults and students can carry it easily to and from school. In a similar fashion, college and university students use iPhone 6 to record notes, organize data and to interact with friends (Neto, José & José 1042).

Market Propositions

In a bid to promote iPhone 6, the company is using several market propositions. First, the device operates on Apple’s ios operating system. Therefore, iPhone 6 users are likely to enjoy faster speeds of operation in the way that MacBook users do. Second, customers can access iTunes easily through the gadget. Notably, iTunes has more application compared to Google Play, which is the most common storage site for android devices. Third, Apple proposes to the audience that the mobile phone has the best images and videos quality. In fact, the business is convincing the audience to purchase the phone because of the improved performance of both the primary and secondary cameras. Fourth, the fact that the billboards are located in major cities across US and Europe suggests that the phone connects one to modern life (Neto, José & José 1042). Importantly, the adverts include pictures captured on day-day activities suggesting that iPhone 6 is ideal for use on daily life. Fifth, the company is supplementing billboard advertisement with other promotional strategies such as print and Television advertising to improve sales.

Reasons for Selling iPhone 6

Apple intends to sell the iPhone in order to maintain its image as a market leader in innovativeness. In particular, the company aims at spurring the continuity of the iPhone series which started in 2014. In addition, the business is using an outdoor market strategy to leverage sales and to improve awareness concerning the product. Apart from that, the entity is selling the device to counter competition from emerging brands such as Samsung Galaxy and Huawei models. Therefore, promoting iPhone 6 in large and densely populated cities is a way of retaining old clients and acquiring new and potential customers. Importantly, the largest goal of selling the gadget is to make profits and recover costs of operations. More importantly, Apple is selling the device to young adults as a strategy to win them to purchase other products such as Apple watch, MacBooks, iPods and Ipads. Primarily, Iphone 6 operates on a similar platform with the other gadgets, which means that it is compatible with them.

In conclusion, Shot on iPhone 6 is one of the most remarkable outdoor adverts in the world. The advert is aimed at showcasing iPhone’s outstanding camera. The campaign includes images captured by both professional and amateur photographers. The greatest value proposition concerning the phone is the 8MP primary camera and 1.2MP secondary camera. Largely, the advert targets young adults and teenagers. Notably, teenagers use the gadget to record notes and to socialize with friends. On the converse, young adults use iPhone 6 for their daily activities such as storing documents and capturing images.


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