A sample of a religious studies paper: Music and Church in the Middle 18th Century.

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A sample of a religious studies paper: Music and Church in the Middle 18th Century

Johann Sebastian Bach was one of the renowned artists during the baroque period (1600-1750). Notably, religion was taking shape, and musicians were influential in church affairs. Bach was one of the famous artists who composed church songs during that era (Schulenberg 16). An example of his music is the prominent mass cantatas as well as passion for St Matthew and John (Bach 1:06). In addition, Bach composed instrumental music relevant for various church feasts such as Good Friday, Easter, and Christmas.

Clearly, music was at the heart of the church during the middle 18th century. Apparently, it was one of the ways of spreading the good news. Notably, musicians frequently travelled to many countries and gained knowledge on cultural orientations of different societies. To some extent, such exposure helped to spread the gospel (Bukofzer 56). In fact, this explains why the church valued musicians such as Bach. Uniquely, artists of this era would compose both religious and secular music. Interestingly, the authorities allowed them to compose irreligious songs. Apparently, the church needed music regardless of the religious orientation of the composer. Particularly, the artists focused on improving their talents rather than following religious teachings. However, the church provided an opportunity for these artists to practice and showcase their talents.

On another note, musicians in this era barely focused on music as the only career (Pirro and Joe 87). As seen from the life of Bach, they performed music alongside other income generating activities. For example, at some point, Bach worked with the Provincial Courts in Germany (Wolff 18). Clearly, the career diversification explains the casual attitude of the then artists towards music.



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