A sample of a literature paper: Persepolis by MarjaneSatrapi

One of the common activities that literature students are expected to execute is analyzing literary works. As a student, you might be asked to analyze the various literary devices used in a given novel. Presented below is a sample of a literature paper that tries to analyze some literary devices in a novel entitled Persepolis by MarjaneSatrapi

 Literature paper: Persepolis by MarjaneSatrapi

Persepolis is a novel in which the writer illustrates her life during childhood and up to marriage. Uniquely, the book uses graphics with text explanations of the situations in the pictures. The setting is in Iran during the struggle for the Islamic revolution. The drawings are chronological to the events that occurred in the life of Marjane who is the writer of the novel. The texts and graphics in the book are clearly related. Certainly, each of the texts is a caption of the events or speeches in a particular graphic. In other words, the captions complement the pictures to convey the same meaning. For example, the drawing of the students before revolution portrays a mixed class of boys and girls.  After that, another image shows the veiled girls separated from the boys (Satrapi, 2007). As much as the texts explain the events as they unfold, the graphics help the reader to picture the scenarios in their minds.

The writer uses the style of humor is many instances to lighten the mood in the novel. Notably, this literature element appears after events that are shocking, or that evoke the sympathy of the reader. A good example is where the writer draws pictures of children using the veils as skipping ropes. Others cover their faces with the religious clothes and declare themselves as ‘monster of darkness’ (Satrapi, 2007). The graphics help the reader to get through the sad fact that the children were subjected to wearing veils without an understanding of its meaning.

The novel illustrates traumatic effects of the war in several instances. Both revolutionists and those against it suffered in diverse ways. For example, the writer’s grandfather who was against the revolution was made to sit in a wet cell for a long time. On the other hand, Marjane recalls a mass shooting of the revolutionists in what she calls ‘Black Friday demonstrations’ (Satrapi, 2007). In another example, the writer’s uncle narrates to the writer how her uncle was arrested and executed for supporting democracy and justice (Satrapi, 2007).



Satrapi, M. (2007).The Complete Persepolis.Pantheon Books.

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