Definition of key terms

Site, website, company, firm refers to

Customer, client refers to any individual who places an order at

A writer is any individual contracted by Prolific-Writers to generate original content or editing services

Order refers to a product (the product can be an essay, thesis, dissertation, research paper etc). It is the main goal of our clients when requesting for our services.

A product is the content that has been completed as per client’s instructions

Our Ordering process

Every client is supposed to read the terms of service presented below before ordering for any of our products. If the potential client feels that the terms of service are not in line with his/her views, personal beliefs or norms, he/she is advised to cease and desist initiating the ordering process. Only persons of legal age are allowed to order for our various products. By making your order from us, you accept to adhere to our terms of service.  Our clients are advised that our interactions with them will be strictly guided by our terms of services as presented below.

  • Services we provide. provides freelance writing services to its clients. All the services that we provide are per the client’s given instructions. The final product that the clients get from our company is for personal non-commercial use.
  • Copyright and personal use. provides products that are meant to be used for research purposes only. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is our work to be plagiarized by submitted it as your own work. Specifically, by ordering for our products, you agree not to distribute, sell, publish or modify them. Our clients do not possess the copyright of the products that they get from our company and as such, they cannot present them as their own.
  • Volume of work. Our clients reserve the right to get their order in the right quantity.  In our company, one double spaced page translates in 275 words whereas a one single spaced page translates into 550 words.
  • Order details changes. Our clients my change the details of their order but they are strongly encouraged to do so before the writer start working on their respective orders. Specifically, for an order with a deadline of ten days to forty eight hours, additional requests and instructions can only be added within the first five hours after the order had been accepted. For an order with a deadline of twenty four hours to twelve hours, additional requests and instructions must be received by our company with one hour after the acceptance of the order.
  • Resource materials. The client has an obligation of specifying the resource materials that ought to be used in his/her order. In the event that a client wants specific resources to be used in his/her order, he/she must provide them.
  • Verification of the order. You are supposed to verify your order details before making the payment. It is however worth to note that we reserve the right to recheck the details of the order after you have made the payment. If there is a mismatch of your order details, our support team reserves the right to advise you to modify it accordingly.

Order payments

  • Prices for our products are automatically calculated on the order form. We reserve the right to offer discounts in various products based on our own discretion.
  • We start working on our clients’ order only after they have paid for them
  • You have the right to accept or reject our proposals for additional time or payment after we have manually reviewed your order.

Order Delivery Policy

Our products will be delivered by direct download from our site or by email. The time for delivery will be determined by the deadline paid time. The minimum delivery time is 12 hours. The time for delivery is calculated from the time the order had been accepted and successfully paid for.

Revision Policy

  • We offer free paper revisions for requests that have been made within 30 days after the paper was completed and successfully delivered to the client. All the revision requests that are placed after the lapse of the 30 calendar day’s deadline will attract new charges.
  • If there is a mismatch between the revision instructions and the instructions that were originally made by the client, he or she will be required to made additional payments. Alternatively, such a client will be required to place a new order requesting for “editing services”.

Refund Policy

  • or authorized retailers reserve the right to refuse service to anyone suspected of misusing our products or participating in academic fraud. We or our authorized retails reserve the right to cancel any order at our own discretion under this policy.
  • All the products received from Prolific-Writers cannot under no circumstances be refunded once they have been completed.

Liability Limitation

  • By placing your order from us, you accept that is not responsible for any of harm that the misuse of our products might cause. is not responsible for indirect or direct damages that may be result from the misuse of its products. The company cannot therefore be responsible for the harm that may be done on your studying process or career reputation as a result of misusing our products.
  • The company does not condone any form of fraudulent activities including academic dishonesty. Both writers and clients are required to strictly adhere to conventional writing ethics as well as regulations. The company or its affiliates cannot therefore be liable to damages such as losing academic scholarships, failing, losing an academic degree or any other similar disciplinary actions that might come as a result of misusing our products.

Unclear Order Instructions

  • It is mandatory for all our clients to provide clear and timely instructions. This is because we provide our various products based on our clients’ instructions. If your order instructions are not clear, then we will be unable to work on it.
  • Kindly note that once an order is completed, any revision requests must be in line with original instructions otherwise such revision will attract additional charges or be treated as a new order altogether. reserves the right to change any and/or all of these terms of service without prior notice to our potential clients.