The privacy of our clients is of fundamental importance to us. We have a number of basic principles that inform our privacy policy. Some of such principles include:

  • We thoughtfully collect and store your personal and data.
  • We do not store personal information any longer than needed or required by the law
  • Our clients have full control of what personal information is collected by our company
  • Our clients have a right to know how we gather, use, store and share their personal information.

Presented below is our privacy policy

How can we get your personal Data?

We may get your personal information directly from you or indirectly from our partners.  Specifically, we can get your personal data directly from you if you have given us consent and permission to do so. We may also get your personal information from third parties that you have permitted to share your personal data.  Some of the automatic personal details that we collect once our clients visit our website include: their IP addresses, their interaction with our website, details about the details of the devices that they are using to connect our website, the duration of their stay on the website and other technical information.

The rationale for collecting your personal Information

  • Collecting the details of the country that you are browsing our website from enables us to verify your identity, to prevent illegitimate use of your account and for calculations of domestic taxes especially VAT.
  • Details about your personal email address provide us with a mechanism through which we can contact you. We may also use the email shared with us to send you advertisement and promotional content that we think you might be interested in
  • Information about your names allows us to verify your identity and by so doing we are able to make sure that we deal with genuine individuals only.
  • Collecting information about your phone number enables our client support team not only to verify your identity but also to communicate with you about matters relating to your order or our products.
  • Details about your zip code and city facilitate the billing of the services that we offer to you.

Generally, the reasons for collecting your personal information are:

  • So that we are able to deliver you the various products that you have ordered at our website
  • To provide you information about our products that we think is relevant to you.
  • It is a way of fulfilling our legal obligation
  • In order to improve our products

Sharing of personal Information

We do not share our clients’ personal information without their informed consent unless the law requires us to do so. It is however worth to point out that we may share anonymized or aggregated data. Data that we share with third parties in their aggregated form ceases to be personal information and are similar to statistics. It is impossible to track a given individual from such data and as such, the personal information of our clients is safe when it is shared in an anonymized or aggregated format. Our clients also reserve the right to object sharing their personal information in an aggregated or anonymized format.

Safety of your Passwords

Our clients may require passwords to access some parts of our website or some of our products. Where that’s the case, you have an obligation to keep your password safe. We strongly discourage you from sharing your password.

Right to decline providing personal information

You reserve the right to decline providing personal information when using our website. It is worth to note that in the event that the personal information is important in order for you to enter into a binding contract with and you exercise your right not to provide such personal information, then we shall refuse to enter into such a contract. This means that you may be unable to access some and/or all our products.

Use of Cookies may gather data about your experience using cookies.  We use cookies to give our clients a personalized experience. Cookies also help us to remember our clients when they revisit our website. They also help us in the customization of our services.

Generally, cookies serve a number of functions which include; authentication, security, marketing, customization and determination of how our site is best suited for our clients.

Our clients reserve the right to accept or decline cookies.  For a more detailed explanation of how you can manage your cookies, be sure to consult the documentation that the manufacturer of your browser provides. One of the ways to decline cookies is switching off third party cookies on your specific browser.

Protection of your personal information Protection when paying for our products

We have taken deliberate measures to make sure that your personal details in relation to your finances do not get in the hands of unauthorized parties. At our website we use a certified online payment processor. This process collects the information of our clients’ debit/credit cards. It facilitates online transactions by providing information about payment and confirmation of the payment by our company. Such a processor ensures that our clients’ information is protected by using cutting edge SSL technology.  This is one of the most widely used online payment systems by the major online stores and as such, you can trust that your financial information is safe with us should you decide to order for our services.

In addition, our website is secured with an effective firewall. It then follows that we have done everything that we can to ensure that your personal information is safe with us. You can therefore rest assured that your personal data is in the right hands. In particular, we are committed to ensuring that no purchase history, contact details or personal details of our clients are shared with any third parties without their consent. reserves the right to change this privacy policy from time to time. You are thus encouraged to constantly review this page for more updates. By placing your order at our firm, you agree to adhere to this privacy policy.