Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Healthcare System

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Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Healthcare System

impact of COVID-19 on the Global Healthcare System Undoubtedly, the health systems across the world are facing significant challenges from COVID-19 pandemic. The novel corona virus has threatened to cripple down the health care systems of many countries especially those in developing countries. To prevent this, the governments all over the world have put in place various measures that are meant to manage this infectious disease that rapidly spreads. It is however worth to note that containing this disease is proving to be quite a nightmare. Even the World Health organization has been criticized on its response and whether it did all it could to stop its rapid spread. Generally, the impact of COVID-19 on the Global Healthcare System has largely been negative.

The healthcare systems of different countries have been overwhelmed by COVID-19 Pandemic

As mentioned above, the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has resulted into overwhelming of the healthcare system. One of the challenges of a pandemic is that many people tend to fall sick all at the same time. As a result of this, the hospital capacity of taking care of patients is exceeded. For instance the ICU capacity of the hospitals in countries that were hit hard by this disease was exceeded during its peak. This necessitated building of makeshift hospitals, hiring of additional healthcare workers and even requesting volunteers to help where they can. It is good to note that the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic does not mean that people stopped falling ill from other diseases. Majority of people who would like to seek non-COVID 19 related health services find it very hard to do so. One of the impacts of COVID-19 on the global health care system is the access to primary healthcare has been curtailed to a large extent.

Movement of people across the globe has been negatively affected by COVID-19

Notably, one of the common measures that governments across the globe have put in place in order to manage and hopeful contain COVID-19 pandemic is travel restrictions. Movement of people from one region to another has become very hard. This is especially true in countries where there is enforcement of partial or full lockdown.  This has resulted into shortage of medical supplies. Specifically, disruption of supply chain of medical supplies means that the countries that are hit hard by this pandemic are not in a position to effectively fight this disease due to working with inadequate equipment. Some countries that have banned exporting of medical supplies have exacerbated the health crises that the worst affected countries have found themselves in. As a result of this impact of COVID-19 on healthcare system across the globe, medical supplies such as gloves, face masks, ventilators and such like supplies that are important in combating this disease have become quite scarce.

Increased inequalities is a major impact of COVID-19 on the Global Healthcare System

It is no doubt that COVID-19 pandemic has shed some light on the inequalities that exist in access to healthcare services across the globe. It has been note that vulnerable communities have been hit hard by this pandemic. Specifically, people who live in poor neighborhoods in America and Europe where this disease has spread widely are more affected than those who live in relatively well-off neighborhoods. Similarly, indigenous people have been hard hit by this disease. This also holds true for marginalized people. This trend has therefore shed some light on the need to strengthen the global health care systems with more emphasis on ensuring that the marginalized groups are able to access health services. The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on healthcare system can therefore be understood in terms of increased inequality in access to primary healthcare.

COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated more funding for the healthcare sector

Remarkably, a lot of financial resources have been utilized in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic. Such finances are way more than what is usually allocated to the health sector.  This means that majority of countries, including both developed and developing ones have shelved most of their development funds in order to try and contain this pandemic. Unfortunately, most of the countries are facing a financial stress. This is especially true for poor countries whose economies are overstretched by this pandemic. Such countries tend to turn to IMF and World Bank for assistance in terms of loans which in most cases are insufficient or take a lot of time to be processed. It then follows that one of the effect of COVID-19 pandemic on the healthcare system is under-funding.

Safety of the health workers has been compromised by the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic

If there is one thing for sure is that the Safety of the health workers across the globe has been compromised by the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. There is no single country across the world where workers have had enough protective personal equipment. As a result of this, the front workers put their lives at a great risk of contracting COVID-19 by taking care of the infected people. A sizeable number of healthcare workers have contracted this disease in the hospital setting. Unfortunately, some of them have succumbed to this disease. COVID-19 pandemic has therefore exposed the harsh conditions that the healthcare workers have to work in. There is therefore an increasing call for the government of different nations across the globe to better take of the health care workers.

COVID-19 pandemic has made digital health to become a viable option for many people

On a positive note, one of the effects of COVID-19 pandemic on the health care system across the world has been an increased emphasis on digital health. Now more than ever before people are shying away from physically visiting hospitals due to the fear of contracting the novel Corona Virus. Majority of people prefer to use computer technology to consult healthcare providers remotely. Video conferencing and telephone calls have therefore become very popular means of getting healthcare services. Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic digital health had been facing both behavioral and regulatory obstacles.  Such obstacles are slowly disappearing as the need to release some pressure on hospitals through digital health is being recognized.

COVID-19 has made people realize the importance of preventative health care

Additionally, the need for preventative healthcare has been emphasized as a result of COVID-19 pandemic. There is a general agreement that a lot of deaths could have been prevented if this disease was contained at its point of origin. Different countries are therefore advocating for a coordinated approach for managing such outbreaks in the future. We can therefore expect to see different regional blocs coming up with policies of dealing with such pandemics in the foreseeable future. Preventative health care will take the front seat in the global efforts of dealing with such pandemics. There are therefore numerous impacts that c COVID-19 pandemic has had on the global health care systems.

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